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HTTP/2 is the next version of HTTP

March 30, 2015

HTTP/2 is changing the definition of internet world. HTTP/2 allows more efficient utilization of network resources. Day by day web is getting faster. Big round applaud goes to HTTP/2. It provides a reduced perception of latency by header field compression and enables multiple simultaneous exchanges on the same connection. Some More Words for HTTP/2 HTTP/2… Read More ›


In recent years, mainly due to concerns over spam and a general trend towards centralization, problems have arisen for small organizations and home users wishing to run their own email server. Problems encountered by small mail-servers include zealous use of blacklisting and a presumption of guilt by blacklisting services and large email providers, which classify… Read More ›


The spread of dynamic websites on the World Wide Web today is largely due to the possibility for their content to be handled through databases. Database management is a complicated process, which has been considerably rationalized by the SQL programming language. As its full name (Structured Query Language) implies, SQL is responsible for querying and… Read More ›

Get your E-commerce Web Hosting Account

CPWebHosting provide our clients with high-tech shared and reseller hosting accounts while doing our best to give you a cheap hosting services as well as maintaining quality and stability. The company offers not only a perfect domain but apart of this all supporting tools which can help you each domain hosting account is attached with… Read More ›

Website Hosting Solutions

Cpwebhosting offers you the various range of website hosting solution with great features and all the necessary tools to get your website up and running: to host your own domain name or start reseller business. Cpwebhosting offers you the great variety of web hosting solution which allow you to get everything for personal, business, e-commerce… Read More ›

Monthly Web Hosting

Does your go for cheap prices? Yes, everybody would like to go for that. CPWebHosting not only providing the hosting at cheap prices but also providing good quality hosting. We provide the flexibility to our customers to have their hosting account with us on the monthly basis. Just $6.95 per month, CPWebHosting offers an unlimited… Read More ›

Characteristics of a Quality Web Hosting Business

The decision to choose the best web hosting service plays an important role in the success of your business. Impressive presentation is necessary if you wish to attract a heap of customers through your website. When you choose a web hosting provider you need not to be in a hurry. First, find some reviews on… Read More ›

The growing competition between the web hosting companies, is beneficial for the customers.

Get ready to grab the web hosting discounts because of the growing competition among the web hosting companies. If you are creating your own site and are in need of hosting, you have many options now as compared to the earlier days of monopoly business in web hosting. Time changed rapidly and the market of… Read More ›

Who is best in Hosting Industry?

It is impossible, says French proverb, to overdo luxury. How true. Luxury has no limits and what is chic today will be cliché tomorrow. At least in the Internet world, where the Shared Hosting market is blooming like never before, courtesy young designers, developers, robust moneymakers who do not hesitate to flaunt they have got…. Read More ›