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January 24, 2013

Domain hosting refers to businesses that have specialization in hosting domain names for individuals and companies. Domain hosting is linked with web hosting since many companies offer both the services. So, it is business of maintaining files for many websites. Domain names are phrases that are combined with TLD to access a website through a… Read More ›

Adding Domain Name

Well it always come with an issue as how to add domain names (DNS) for customers of reseller hosting.Now adding domain names with is very easy. All you have to do,to add new domain names to offer third level hosting, go to your control panel, select DNS Manager in the E.Manager menu, and create… Read More ›

Reselling Domain Names

Becoming a domain name registrar as a reseller is a great solution for webmasters who registers many domains, and a great money making opportunity for anyone on the Web. Here’s how reselling domain names works and where to sign up to be one. How Reselling Domain Names Works: The domain name registrars offers reseller programs… Read More ›

What is a Domain Name and Why Would I Want One

What is a Domain Name? Before we can go into what a domain name is I’m going to tell you why we need them as the answers compliment each other. The Internet is just a really big collection of connected computers (a network). For the purpose of explaining domain names you can think of the… Read More ›

Good Domain Names Make Your Dreams Memorable

Domain names always on the tip of a visitor’s tongue, but not quite memorable enough? Your choice of domain name needs to be easy to remember, as well as focused enough that your visitor will know right away what your site is about. A Few Rules Some rules do apply when deciding on a domain… Read More ›

Having a domain name and web site

Just like all things in life, the ways to run a business are rapidly changing and evolving. The potential involved with having a domain name/web site is staggering to say the least. A web site gives the consumer a ‘shop front’ that is not only open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but… Read More ›

Identify With Your Domain Name

Choosing a better domain name is a better option because when choosing a domain name the name, or URL, can have an impact in both the online and offline marketing of your web-site. Long or difficult to spell domain names can make people ignore your web site and it has to be pretty good for… Read More ›

The Mystery behind Domain Names

Domain name means a name who recognize a site but the there are approximately 68 million .COM domains registered. That’s a lot of domain names out on the Internet that are either already taken or just parked in some obsolete spot gathering dust and all kinds of age. There are 900 possible combinations for two… Read More ›

Internet Domain Registration

Domain registration is a main act for a hosting business so operating some type of functional web site for your business helps your customers find you, can present additional marketing opportunities through e-commerce, and offers advertising opportunities that you can not get elsewhere. Companies that do not have a web site lose business to companies… Read More ›

Domain Name Politics

On TV, in newspapers, and in magazines you keep hearing about having an identity on the Internet, having an Internet presence and other IT propaganda. Simply having a website is not enough. The key to succeeding is your domain name. But since Network solutions lost its monopoly of domain name registrations, a new industry has… Read More ›