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SEO Hosting Features

SEO Hosting Features

One of the most important aspects of good search engine optimization is the right amount of quality inbound links to your website. SEO web hosting services are specially designed to provide you multiple C Class IP addresses on a single hosting account. So that you can create quality back links for your websites from a single hosting account & manage it from your control panel. Using these different C Class IP addresses in your website will perform better in search engines and can increase your website traffic.

SEO Hosting for everyone

If you’re looking for great performance with an easy management and at affordable prices, then SEO Hosting is the best way to go. SEO Hosting plans come in standard with shared or dedicated IPs.

SEO Hosting Features

There are various features of SEO hosting, some of them are – daily backups, no hidden limitations, 24/7/365 technical support, automatic script installation, simple to use, traffic statistics, scalable and many more. It reduces your workload & wastage of time.

Technical Support

These SEO hosting companies offer great technical support. Their support staffs are always ready to help & assist you. There is a dizzying range of tempting packages to choose from. So these support staff helps you to select the best SEO hosting package that best fits to your needs.

SEO Hosting Packages

There are lots of companies which offer the facility of SEO hosting. These companies offer various packages which are available at affordable & reasonable price. You can choose any of the plan as per your need & budget. These plans are available with shared, VPS & dedicated servers.

Simple Pre-configured SEO Hosting Packages

Pre-configured SEO Hosting Packages are very simple to use & available in best possible prices. They are very competitive & offer all Linux, Unix, and Windows OS and always upgrades your account with an easy process.

Shared IP Hosting

Shared IP Hosting solutions are carefully designed to deliver the highest quality SEO hosting with intense, fast load times at a fraction of a price. They host multiple clients on Shared IPs. So, your websites will share the IP space with 2¬-3 other clients. It’s every package is pre¬-loaded with the industry’s leading cPanel control panel that manages your websites in a simple and effortless way.

Dedicated IP Hosting

As per its name, dedicated C Class IPs are allocated exclusively to you. These Dedicated IP Hosting solutions are sensibly designed to deliver the best quality SEO hosting with speedy load times at a fraction of a price. It also offers cPanel control panel that manages your domains in a very easy manner.

SEO Servers

If unbeatable performance with unrestricted access and complete control are of utmost importance to you, then opting for SEO Servers is absolutely a wise choice.


Virtual Private Servers set a new standard for reliability and performance. SEO VPS provides you a full root access with ample of resources. It has dedicated IPs and free control panel to manage your websites. It is fully managed so you need not worry if you have never operated a server before. Virtual SEO Servers are perfect for the customers with websites who experience immense growth with heavy traffic.