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SEO Hosting Model

SEO Hosting Model

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of affecting the visibility of a web page or a website in a search engine’s unpaid results. In general, it helps a site to appear more frequently in the search results list & more visitors which will receive from the search engine’s users. Moreover, these visitors can be converted into customers. SEO targets different kinds of search which includes local search, image search, academic search, video search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines and much more. SEO is the practice of promoting and improving a website to increase its number of visitors which the site receives from search engines.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is a form of Internet marketing which involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages. It is mainly paid to advertise. SEM may incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can rewrite or adjusts website content and site architecture for the goal of achieving a higher ranking in search engine result pages for enhancing pay per click (PPC) listings.

SEO Hosting

Hosting websites which you own on different class C IP addresses refer as SEO hosting. Individuals or companies use this technique to increase their promotion activities & customers. A web host who makes sure its platform and services are all SEO-friendly and attempts to give a website the best chance at ranking in Google, etc.
Search engines give preference to the sites which are linked from different IPs and data centers. SEO hosting provides features to have dedicated IPs with multiple servers in different data centers in one package. It enables your websites to get high ranking in search engine results. Seo Hosting Deals also provide SEO Reseller Accounts with multiple Cpanel per C class. They also provide VPS and dedicated servers with up to 200 C class IPS.

Latest SEO Hosting Model

Nowadays SEO hosting model is relatively better than traditional SEO hosting where a single server utilizes multiple IP’s for hosting a website network. So, if the single server goes down for some technical issue then your entire network will not become offline, and it will not affect your search engine positioning.

SEO Hosting Features

There are many features of SEO hosting, some of the key features are as follow: dedicated different C Class IP address, industry leading cPanel/WHM control panel, private name servers for each domain, host multiple domain facilities, unlimited email account, MYSQL databases and much more.

How Does SEO Hosting Work

SEO hosting packages provider supplies you multiple C Class IP hosting with high-quality web space and control panel to manage your website. It allows you to add, edit or remove hosting for sites which you host on different C-Class IP addresses. They offer you various packages from which you can choose any of the ones as per your need & budget. These packages are affordable & reasonable.

SEO Hosting Pros

These SEO Hosting companies provide their services 24/7 with complete control over your IP assignments. They provide nonblacklisted clean IPS, which helps you to achieve your SEO targets faster. They also ensure high-speed servers to load your site fast all times.

Cheapest SEO Hosting

There are lots of reputed SEO hosting companies which offer their services at the lowest price. They provide you the facility of free trial & money back guarantee too. They assist you a lot to achieve your target & have lots of features also with great uptime.