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Time Management For The Web Hosting Provider

If you are a web hosting provider, you appreciate having time to do the things you need to do. Are you getting the really important things done, rather than the really urgent things? If a web hosting provider knows the difference, it means the difference between a successful web hosting provider, and one that is busy, but not accomplishing anything.

Determine what is most important as a web hosting provider. Use the 80/20 rule: Find the 20% of the tasks that account for the 80% of your results, and focus on them. The other 80% of the tasks produce 20% of the results, and therefore will consume a web hosting provider-s time.

By the way, the non-producing 20% often fall into the urgent but unimportant category. Many web hosting providers are distracted answering frivolous emails or aimless surfing rather than supporting customers. Since customers want 24/7 service, a web hosting provider must force them to put away the unimportant, and deal with the most important issues.

To be successful, a web hosting provider must get control of their time. It may require taking inventory, and a real honest look at your routine. Make a list of all the activities you perform at work, either directly relate to being a web hosting provider or otherwise. Then for a whole week or more, monitor how much time you spend on each.

You may conclude that a change in your daily routine is in order. After all, you are a web hosting provider, and you provide an essential service for customers. If you lose control of your time, you could lose customers, and wonder why you ever became a web hosting provider.

So focus on your most important 20%, gets great results, and be the best web hosting provider you can be.

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