Hosting Industry Demystified

Complimentary Web Hosting

A Web hosting provider sometimes volunteers their services for complimentary web hosting. The catch behind this great offer could be because it will prompt customers to buy their domain names and build their websites through the web hosting provider, who later does the hosting without any ‘extra’ charges.

There are many deals a Web hosting provider provides to help increase their marketability, as lot of customers consider such deals to be very appealing. The convenience of managing everything in a single account of one company prompts customers to take up such offers. It helps customers to check the traffic of their site and also the disk space usage by their website in the same account.

A web hosting provider can offer appealing package deals. For finding such a web hosting provider, one has to just type the phrase ‘web hosting provider’ in any search engines, and the endless list of web hosting providers will populate.

But just as with all other things in life, such packaged deals also have their own disadvantages. Though a web hosting provider is willing to offer web hosting on a free of charge basis, there is someone who is actually responsible for helping the web hosting provider to afford a complimentary web hosting. Even by advertising with a small pop up for certain other businesses in your website, web hosting provider will be paid by them for helping them boost up their sales.

Also there are instances such as, while hosting a website on e-commerce, the web hosting provider could charge for a merchant account or there are chances of one getting trapped with such hidden fees. Hence while considering a web hosting provider, in case their terms are not very clear or are hesitant to explain honestly about certain important things, it is best to re-consider your decision about choosing that particular web hosting provider.

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