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How VOIP Has Helped Change Web Hosting

This new technology VOIP has rapidly spread it’s tentacles right across the net within a very short period of time and now stands as a clear threat to the old established phone companies around the world and the world of communications and telecommunications as we knew it. In the process VOIP (voice over internet protocol) has helped change web hosting in many ways.

VOIP requires a stable and extremely reliable link and excellent service from a web host to be able to work efficiently. The fact that the corporate world has quickly embraced VOIP, saving colossal fortunes in phone company bills and associated costs has meant that only the better web hosting enterprises have benefited from the windfall.

With non-VOIP web hosting it is extremely easy to get away with shoddy and unreliable service. But with VOIP, and especially where most corporate companies require communications lines to be left open all the time, shoddy or poor quality web hosting enterprises are usually quickly identified and abandoned. We have indeed come a long way because these day’s webmasters spend fortunes in cash and time to attract traffic.

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