Hosting Industry Demystified

Free Web Hosting

Now a days free web hosting is also better option for small business holder so your web site will be turned into an advertising machine that works for the free web host. Expect, banners, pop up windows, frames. They will all mess the look of your web site in terms of design and accessibility for your visitors that might be literally flooded with popups almost after every click-through.

You can cot perform some actions also like you can’t make advertising revenue of your web site, as most free web hosts don’t allow it. This is not such a big issue when you are maintaining a personal web site, but the cutting-off advertising revenues can mean significant losses for a business. Very little space for your web pages. With free web hosting provider offering 5 to 15 MB of disk space, your site’s expansion will severely restricted.

So you have to suffer with some drawback also but in other hand this is beneficial also.

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