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Podcast Web hosting service

A podcast hosting service is like any other web hosting service but with one big difference – the podcasts (like mp3, mov, wmv) are much larger in size than the standard html pages or the web images so you need larger storage space.

Secondly, if your podcast show is popular and more listeners subscribe, you will consume a huge amount of bandwidth as people download your creation to their iPod or hard disk. In fact, if you are not careful in choosing your podcast hosting provider, the situation would be akin to getting slash dotted and digged multiple times in a day. Either your site would go offline or you’ll see many more zeroes added to your bandwidth bills.
Your podcast internet hosting you can have will allow you to distribute a new podcast. It could be best to upload a lot more for you to the website, including a catalog web site that informs website visitors with regards to your podcast and provides the deal with in the document dircaster.php on your own site. After they sign up to which record, the particular podcast customer thus utilize may access it as well as redeem information about the latest podcasts accessible.
The Basic Steps of Publishing Your Podcast
To publish your podcast to the internet, you usually need to do the following:

  1. Register a Web Address – also called a domain name
  2. Find/Buy Web Hosting – to store your blog/site and your audio files on the internet
  3. Start a Blog – this is your web site for posting your show notes, links, etc.
  4. Create an RSS Feed – this is the feed that your listeners subscribe to so they can automatically download new episodes of your podcast

These four things make up a typical podcast hosting setup for publishing your show to the internet: web address, hosting, blog & RSS feed. There are a number of tools and services you can use for each of these four things.

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