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Without Reliability there is no future in Web Hosting

Reliable web hosting is one of the most significant investments any modern business can make in their continued success and the future of their company. Finding the right folks to handle your business web hosting is a great way to safeguard your business from the ire of aggressive and impatient web browsing consumers. While folks are very quick to turn on a website with slow load times and clunky connection speeds the inverse is also true.
What is a reliable web hosting? First you need to understand that there is no 100% guarantee on problems free with web hosting. Your own PC is great, but no matter how great they are, your computer will still have problems won’t they? Same concept applies to web hosting (server computer).

Here is a list of criteria that I take in considerations for a reliability web hosting service:-

  1. Uptime of hosting service (which reflects quality of hardware & maintenance)
  2. Customer support – including a comprehensive of support system exp: live chat, ticket system, phone call and etc (those who responds quick is definitely reliable as they could solve your problems fast)
  3. User friendliness of web hosting (how user friendly a hosting control panel is actually not directly show the reliability of system but that does reflect the initiative of the company in providing a better service to customers – so I take it as one of the reliability criteria)

These 3 criteria is enough to determine whether a web hosting reliable or not but it is not enough to determine whether a quality hosting. This is because when we mention quality it will involve the features of their hosting plans and etc.
Don’t forget that if you reliable in your business you will automatically get the benefit of referrals. So be reliable and promote your online business without any expenditure of advertising.

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