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Optimizing Your Site with SEO Web Hosting

Search Engine Optimization is a way to get directories and search engines to give your web-site a better indexing position so that customers or anyone who is looking for your web-site can see it. The higher you are in the search engines and directories, the better chance you’ll have doing business on the internet.

It consist lot of steps like:

Step 1 : Modify your web site :- This step includes adding optimized content to all pages in the website.

Step 2 : Add tags :- Add or make changes to Meta tags, Title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and alt tags for images, after keywords research.

Step 3 : Link building A, Inbound links :- Make the website available in about 100 directories and 80 search engines. You can use WEB CEO to make your submissions. It’s a free program.

Step 4 : Reciprocal links – Link up with other web-sites. This includes:

Find out all competitor websites with good ranking and analyze where they have placed their links.

Then make sure your link is also placed there.
so you can choose according to you.

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