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Link Building

Link Building is a search engine optimization method where a web site owner tries to build relevant, quality inbound links to their website, for purpose of increasing the importance and value of their web site, and this in turn increases search engine rankings.

Inbound links are one of the most indispensable factors for getting your keyword high ranking, and most of search engines are ranking their search results on the link popularity from your web site. Search Engine Company believes that it is not number of quantity links that matters, but the quality of those links is important. Link building is not the number of links you attracts, but about how much it assists your web site search engine performance. A good link building campaign would surely bring you real customers – and they always remain valuable.

Building links through reciprocal link exchanges is an easy yet very powerful website promotional tool. If done correctly, increasing your linkage will:

  • Increase your site traffic.
  • Improve your appearance in the search engines.
  • Provide an added source to your website.
  • Save money.
  • Save time.

Types of Link Building

  • Reciprocal link building
  • Directory Submission
  • Buying Text Advertisements
  • Buying Site wide Text Links
  • Buying Site wide links across web journals / web logs / blogs
  • Buying Links from Related sites
  • Article Reproduction
  • Press Releases
  • Page rank Optimization / Page rank Increase

There is no alternate for high quality content. It is content that people look for, content that gets you up the search engine rankings and content, which motivates others web sites to link to yours. But don’t put out content just for the sake of having something for search engines to index. Every piece of good content on your site needs to be there for a purpose – it must support your sales proposition and take your customers a modest further along the sales cycle. So for getting quality links you first need to concentrate on content.

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