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Affiliate Program


Join our #1-Rated Affiliate Program for FREE and I’ll give you all the tools you need to:

Generate HUGE monthly commission checks of $375-$4,500+ — just by sending visitors to CPWebHosting’s web site!

Important Note: You still have a few days to affiliate with us, regardless of how many visitors your web site receives.Plus, for those people who sign up as affiliates TODAY, I’ll give you instant access to my exclusive “Affiliate Resource Center” where I share the secrets my top affiliates use pile up commissions of over $8,000+ in a single month!

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Dear Fellow Web Site Owner:

If you’re new to affiliate programs, click here. I’ll show you why earning affiliate commissions is 100 times easier than managing your own business. and how you can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars every month, effortlessly!

If, however, you’re already sold on the advantages of affiliate marketing, then read on and discover why our program is the easiest and most profitable on earth.

“Out of my 10+ re-seller programs, this one jumped to the #1 spot in just one week. If you’re like me, you will begin to promote these hosting plans aggressively after you see the true profit potential.”

– Tony Stefanili

Seven reasons you’ll make money fast:

  1. You’ll earn big commissions. I pay you over 10.00 each website sale, reseller account, dedicated server and colo sale each month!
  2. You’ll profit wildly from potential competitors. That’s right: Instead of competing against others selling the same services, you can recruit them first as your sub-affiliates and then earn thousands of “override” dollars on their efforts — thanks to my “four tier” structure.
  3. You’ll get proven ads that I’ve field-tested to generate a record-breaking number of click-throughs — including buttons, banners, text links, classified ads, e-mail promotions, and even pop-ups!
  4. You’ll get commissioned on procrastinators — even after 3 years! If you send me a visitor who doesn’t buy right away — but comes back to my site and buys within three years — you’re still fully commissioned! (They don’t even need to go through your site the second time.)
  5. You’ll learn how my top affiliates can make $12,000+ in a single month. Immediately after joining, you’ll get personalized access to my private Affiliate Resource Center, where you can learn the exact techniques our top affiliates use to earn more than $12,000 in a single month!
  6. You’ll get unlimited free phone support. I have two full-time employees who are 100% dedicated to supporting my affiliates — they’re your “Affiliate Support Team” and they’re here every business day to take your calls, and answer your questions.
  7. You’ll be instantly notified every time you make a sale. Whenever your visitors click to my site and buy, or sign up under you as sub-affiliates, I’ll let you know. Plus, you can monitor your daily and monthly sales stats, conversion rates, and earnings using my world-class control panel. You can even review your account history (which shows all sales you’ve made since joining) and see how many sub-affiliates have joined under you!

Get a big share of the revenue pie!

Like I mentioned earlier, I pay my affiliates up to 4 levels deep! (i.e. The revenue from a sale minus our costs.) As you can see, the lion’s share goes to the affiliate who actually generates the sale (you).

But it doesn’t stop there. As you recruit other affiliates who join under you — and they make sales — you get the “4 tier” commissions to boot!

Commission on referred sales
Commissions for sub-affiliate sales

All Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Servers, web hosting


Level One 10.00 Referral Fee This is not a one time fee it is recurring each month. So in this level you would earn 100. 00 per month on 10 sites. $1000.00 per month on 100 sites.

5.00-3.00-1.00 Sub-referral Fees You wil all earn each month recurring fees in each level too.

Your unique link will be specially coded to track your orders automatically! And best of all, it’s free to participate; there’s never any cost to you.

Earn Special “BONUS” Commissions!

… If you sign up for my Affiliate Program today, I’ll even give you the advantage of my special “bonus” commissions, usually reserved for “Super Affiliates” only!

If you refer 10 or more visitors in any one calendar month that purchase any package, I’ll automatically increase your commissions on EVERY copy sold retroactively… from $10.00 to $15 on ALL packages you sell for that month!

… And yes! That includes the first 10 packages you already sold! Soyou’d earn $150 in commissions for the first 10 each month, plus $15 for each additional package sold!

Click here to sign up now, before we start screening applicants. It’s free!

What’s even more important than
the amount of your commission?

Let’s face it, there are lots of affiliate programs you could join. And many promise big commissions like mine. But if you’ve ever joined an affiliate program and been disappointed, you already know that.

Even the world’s biggest commission is worthless if your visitors don’t BUY the products you’re promoting!

Why wouldn’t your visitors buy? Most web surfers are merely “window shopping.” They’re naturally skeptical. And when they read about a product, they want to think it over. For these reasons, there are two crucial moments in the sales process:

  1. The moment when your visitors see your affiliate ad. That’s right: your web site ad, e-mail promo, or pop-up must be ultra-motivating, or your visitors won’t bother clicking.
  2. Once your visitors click through, the product salesletter must grab their attention, overcome their objections, create urgency, and convince them to buy immediately. The percentage of click-throughs that turn into sales is called your “conversion rate.”

Unfortunately, most ads are not as effective as they could be. And most salesletters have dismally low conversion rates. Why?

Most companies write their own ads and salesletters. They think it’s “too expensive” to hire a professional. They’re satisfied with the first batch of ads — and the first salesletter — they ever wrote. The result? They’re thrilled just to get 1 order out of every 100 click-throughs.

Profit instantly and easily — we’ve done
the hard work for you!

By contrast, I work closely with some of the most expensive ad copywriters in North America. I go to great lengths testing, perfecting, and bulletproofing my ads and salesletters. I’m constantly tweaking and improving my sales copy, and I never stop working towards higher conversion rates.

To demonstrate the conversion rates I’ve helped my affiliates achieve, I’m posting testimonials from a few of them. These affiliates are everyday web site owners — like you — who are profiting from my ultra-motivating ads and letters.

However, I don’t want to give away their last names or web sites because, quite frankly, I don’t want my competitors “stealing” these top affiliates away from me.

“Recently I began using the templates and other tools you provided for both the Affordable and Powerful package as well as the new eBusiness Package.Since I began using these tools, my conversion rate for your web hosting plans have skyrocketed to 1 order out of every 10-20 click thru’s and my commission checks from you have been quite substantial.”

– Chris M. 

… In one recent marketing test, I offered visitors a free 90-day trial of our powerful packages. I collected their credit card information up front, but didn’t charge them until the end of 90 days. The result? Our affiliates flooded us with success stories like this one:

“My customers are eating this up! Last night, I sent the Free Trial Package offer to 2,500 of my customers and less than 24 hours later, I’ve already seen 200 click-throughs and 51 sales.That’s a 26% conversion rate and sales are still going up as you read this! You guys reallydelivered on this one! “

– Tom A.

… At $55 per sale, Tom’s first 51 sales alone made him $2,805! Are starting to see why our program is so lucrative, why thousands of people like you have already joined, and why our affiliates are so loyal?

Here’s another perk: Whenever we develop new, improved promotional tools — such as new e-mail promotions, subject lines, or classified ads — we notify you in our monthly Affiliate-Only newsletter. You can just “Copy and Paste” this text right into your e-mails — your special tracking code is already included to make sure you get all the commissions you’ve earned!

Click here to sign up now, before we start screening applicants. It’s free!

Be the first to discover our latest breakthroughs —
months before the general public

Our newsletter is free to our affiliates, but not available to the public at ANY price. See, we periodically have breakthroughs in e-mail promotions, such as new subject lines that will dramatically multiply your click-throughs. And we don’t want the public exploiting these breakthroughs before our affiliates do. After all, the more money you make, the more money we make. so we want you to have a competitive edge!

With access to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about our latest breakthroughs and discoveries. You’ll also be alerted to special promotions. For example, we sometimes offer higher-than-normal commissions, or bundle products together and offer a package discount.

What’s more, you’ll get free use of the exclusive cutting-edge tools in our private Affiliate Resource Center, including:

  1. Proven motivating ads that you can “copy and paste,” including buttons, banners, text links, classified ads, e-mail promotions, and even pop-ups. Grab your visitors’ (and opt-in subscribers’) attention, and send them racing to read our product salesletters!
  2. “Quick Start” instructions showing you the fastest way to start making money in the next 5 minutes!
  3. “Super-Affiliate Secrets.” These eye-popping articles detail specific, tested — and repeatable — methods for promoting our products, and how to use each most effectively.
  4. Secrets for recruiting an army of sub-affiliates. Leverage your income by turning potential competitors into your own personal monopoly. Earn thousands of “override” dollars on the sales that THEY make.
  5. When and how to customize our existing promotions — or write your own — for an even better response.

Click here to sign up now, before we start screening applicants. It’s free!

You can get in the door before my
accountant starts setting limits!

I’m serious about providing you with free phone support. That’s why I’ve already employ two full-time Affiliate Support Specialists, to provide you with the answers, advice and trouble-shooting that will help you succeed. And naturally, the more affiliates we take on, the bigger our staff requirements.

However, when our phone support team gets calls from hobbyists and “dabblers,” it’s an expense we can’t justify. We want affiliates who have a real shot at making good money — for themselves and for us.

That’s why I’m under pressure from my accountant to start screening out any applicants with fewer than 5,000 visitors per month.

But I’m delaying this change as long as possible, since — like you — I started off small too. In fact, so did some of my best affiliates, ones who are earning thousands of dollars in a single month!

So fortunately for you, I haven’t made this change yet. So you can still join our affiliate program regardless of how many visitors or opt-in subscribers you have.

And once the change does take effect, you won’t have to worry. We’re not going to “fire” any of our existing affiliates! You’ll be “Grand-fathered” and the new standard will only apply to those who haven’t yet joined. So join right now!

The two easy steps you need to take in
order to become an Affiliate Member right away:

  1. Simply fill out the application form. It takes just minutes!
  2. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail with your exclusive password to our Affiliate Resource Center, which will show you how to get up and running within 5 minutes!

You then instantly start earning referral fees for all sales that are generated from the visitors who were referred by your site and who then purchase from our site.

If you experience any problems, or have any questions about our incredible affiliate program, please e-mail us at affiliate@CPWebHosting

P.S. Remember this is a 100% FREE program. Sign up today and you’ll get instant access to my exclusive “Affiliate Resource Center,” where I’ll show you how my free affiliate program can put $400 to $4,000 in your pocket every month, effortlessly! I’ll even share the secrets our top affiliates use pile up over $12,000 in a single month!

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